Are you looking for a compassionate and nurturing educational preschool program for your child?

Learning Center

When seeking an educational program for younger children throughout Milford or surrounding Connecticut..

Family Oriented School

There is no comparison to the education a child receives in a family oriented school environment.

Learning Is Fun!

Milford Cooperative is much more than just a preschool center. We offer a full range of educational programs for young children. It is our mission to create a loving and nurturing environment for all children to learn and explore the world around them. We have over 50 years of experience within the area of young childhood education, which has provided us with the understanding on how to provide your child with the opportunity to gain the skills they will use throughout their lifetime.

As a family oriented facility we have focused much of our attention around creating the curriculum that will allow for parents and other family members to take a pro-active role in the learning process of their child. We offer classroom volunteering, one-on-one teacher-parent meetings, fieldtrip chaperoning, and much more. You will find these activities refreshing and the ideal opportunity for spending quality time with your child. Our educators will provide you with beneficial skills that can be used throughout your child’s entire schooling experience.

Throughout the school year your child will have the opportunity to take part in numerous activities both on and off site. We will visit local firehouses, museums, libraries, and other places your child can learn and explore the world around them. Children are provided with the ability to celebrate all types of holiday traditions, cultures, and even careers that they may choose to take part in later on in their life. Each family is encouraged to utilize the nurturing environment of our educational center to celebrate milestones in their child’s life such as their birthday with their new friends. We are focused on teaching your child “Learning Is Fun”!